David R. Bickerstaff

Mr. Bickerstaff was co-founder and Chairman of Bickerstaff & Whatley, Inc., in 1995, and now serves in the same capacity with Bickerstaff, Whatley, Ryan & Burkhalter. He was President and founder of Bickerstaff & Associates, Inc., which commenced operations in 1990. He is a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society (1969) and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries (1969). He began his actuarial career in 1963.

For 16 years prior to forming his own firm, Mr. Bickerstaff was a consulting actuary with Milliman & Robertson, Inc., in their Pasadena, California office, the last 13 as a Principal. His areas of specialization included a wide range of property-liability topics. Prior to joining Milliman & Robertson, he was a Senior Actuarial Assistant with State Farm Mutual and Vice-President & Actuary with the Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company in Jackson, MS. While at Southern Farm Bureau, he served as Chairman of the NAII Actuarial Committee for four years.

In recent years, about half of Mr. Bickerstaff's practice has been concentrated in medical professional liability engagements, having served physician and hospital clients in every area of the U.S, as well as some assignments in the UK. He has also had extensive experience in personal lines pricing and loss reserves, and in the development of risk models and actuarial information systems. His clients have included insurance companies, managing general agents, captives, self- insurance trusts, risk retention groups, trade associations, law firms, and regulatory bodies. Highlights of other past assignments include:

  • Extensive Expert Testimony in insurance-related litigation and rate hearings
  • Participant in major study of Federal Crop Insurance Corporation in mid-80's
  • Designated actuarial reviewer for new products submitted to the USDA's Risk Management Agency
  • Actuarial advisor for northwest carrier covering agri-business risks, assisting in that carrier's exclusive design of a whole-farm revenue protection policy for selected crops
  • Consultant to large workers' compensation self insurance trust for restaurant owners in California
  • Designed pricing models for vehicle service contract and GAP products for carrier in western states
  • Consultant to the Insurance Council of Texas (formerly Texas Automobile Insurance Service Office and Texas Insurance Organization), annually preparing proposals for private passenger benchmark rates.
  • Developed Surety Bond product for one of the largest bail bondsman in Nevada
  • Assisted in the development of a Patent Infringement Liability product
  • Consultant to General Accounting Office for Medical Malpractice study
  • Designed and implemented Actuarial Information System for major Southeastern personal lines carrier
  • Consultant to major HMO in Southern California
  • Extensive Workers' Compensation studies for large Midwestern state insurance department
  • Consultant in 1980's to nation's largest extended automobile warranty carrier .

Mr. Bickerstaff has served on the Board of Directors of the Casualty Actuarial Society (1975-78). In 1972 he received the Woodward-Fondiller Prize for his paper in the Society's Proceedings. He has also made frequent contributions to the C.A.S. Call Paper program and the annual loss reserve and ratemaking seminars sponsored by the society.

David is a graduate of the University of Mississippi, with a mathematics major. Following graduation, he served as an officer in the U.S. Navy.

Author of the Following Papers:

"Automobile Collision Deductibles and Repair Cost Groups: The Lognormal Model" in Proceedings of the Casualty Actuarial Society, 1972.

"Hospital Self-Insurance Funding: A Monte Carlo Approach", Casualty Actuarial Society Forum, Fall 1989.

"Evaluating Contingent Premium Liabilities for Excess-of-Loss Swing Plans", C.A.S. Discussion Paper Program, 1988.

"How Your Free Tail Liability Policy is Funded", Medical Practice Management, September/October, 2000.

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